Our Story

behind the canvas...

ArtSocial 805, the traveling art studio that offers a unique paint on canvas experience
that is sure, to bring out your inner artist!

Created in 2016, ArtSocial 805 has grown rapidly over the past 4 years into a popular event trend on the Central Coast.
Founder and Owner of ArtSocial 805, Karyn Blaney is an exquisite artist with a love and passion for the arts. Having successfully earned a bachelor's degree in Fine and Professional Arts, with an artistic concentration in Studio and Printmaking, from Kent State University. It truly shows her creativity and love for art.


Giving back..

ArtSocial 805, is a proud supporter of the Cancer Support Community®. We give back by offering painting events for cancer patients, and those in recovery or remission.

Cancer Support Community® | California Central Coast is a Non-profit Organization that supports the needs of cancer patients and their families FREE of charge for non-medical and psychosocial needs.

meet the Artsocial 805 team

Our Team

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Art Instructor
Art Instructor